And…. We are back!! MS Teams Optimization in IGEL OS resumed

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

Good day to all of you! Did you have problems getting Microsoft Teams Optimization multi-part calls/meetings working well in Citrix using IGEL OS (or any Linux dist/Mac, not related to IGEL OS specifically)? Here is why:

11/10/2020 : Meeting join failures with Linux and Mac Workspace apps (any version) have been fixed by rolling back the Citrix API (colloquially known as shim) to the previous version. Sign out / sign back into Teams required.This disabled DTMF support – Citrix is working on a shim fix to reintroduce DTMF
(ref: )

The DTMF function was rolled on 15th of October 2020, which broke MS Teams optimization with multi-part calls. This is now fixed (rolled back) and MS Teams optimization can be resumed.

I would recommend you to use IGEL OS firmware version 11.04.220 that includes the current Citrix Workspace App 2010. Download-link to this firmware is here

Happy meeting weekend!!