HELP!! Secure Shadow of remote endpoints. Real life experience!

by Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

I just have to tell you a story of when Secure Shadow of remote endpoints really helps. I Just happened to see the greatest benefit. And so did this potential customer. Here are the story:

Early morning the 2nd of October, i was in my hotel room in Seattle, a colleague of mine was visiting a customer in UK in my absence. The goal was to deliver IGEL OS for a sneak preview of a upcoming feature.
I got a few chats on MS teams, stating that all of the PoV setup was successful, but the customer had some issues with their environment, so they couldn’t test functionality. They asked if they could borrow my credentials for my lab, i sad “no can do, not the way i roll”.
“Sorry, but they will have to get their stuff together to start testing… hmmm… but… wait a minute. As of this PoV* is connected to my UMS and ICG in Azure, i should be able to shadow the device and login. Give me a few seconds.”
Starting up my Windows Virtual Desktop session in Azure, logging in to the UMS console. I assign the secure shadow profile to the endpoint used. Initiates the shadowing and helps the customer to login using my account, just to be able to verify functionality before my colleague have to leave. . Its never fun to leave a PoV without seeing all working.

Within a matter of 4 minutes, me in Seattle, customer in the UK, jumping through Azure Data-center i East US, i can get control of the endpoint and help the user. There is no interaction needed by the user. And everything is SECURE!

Everyone within IT has seen shadowing of endpoints. But this is the next level. Endpoint resides in a closed network, but using IGEL’s state of the art technology, everything is Simple, Smart AND Secure!

Read more about Secure Shadow over ICG here:



*PoV = Proof of Value, why would you go with IGEL? This is because!