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2019-11-21 What is your plan for your windows 7 based thin clients? End of support is closing in!

2019-11-21 Microsoft + IGEL “a great step for man kind”

2019-11-13 Wanna join me at DisruptEUC conference in Nashville and/or Munich? Easter egg inside!

2019-11-12 IGEL OS to support #windowsvirtualdesktop

2019-11-08 Ohh Noo! It Crashed, and it crashed again and again! Here, and there, everywhere!!

2019-10-07 HELP!! Secure Shadow of remote endpoints. Real life experience!

2019-10-05 What about the environment. IGEL OS helps!

2019-08-23 Secure Shadow anywhere – Now available! I know quite a few of you have been waiting!

2019-06-10 Tired of all reading? Wanna hear me speak #RemoteVR?

2019-05-08 IGEL OS 11 – Upgrade ALL your endpoints, available now!

2019-05-03 Accelerated Graphics on brand new IGEL UD2 LX50 – can it be done?!

2019-03-27 RemoteVR experience explained

2019-03-19 IGEL – Nvidia Jetsons ARM based thin client hardware?!

2019-02-20 RemoteVR- Now on IGEL UD7

2019-02-16 IGEL OS 11 + UMS 6.0

2019-02-14 RemoteVR – How to get there!

2019-02-09 DisruptEUC Munich and Silicon Valley

2019-02-09 The worlds first Remote Virtual Reality on production ready Operatingsystem: IGEL OS