Advanced graphics are complementary!! #RemoteVR now on the UD3-LX60

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

If you attended #DisruptEUC Nashville or Munich, you had the chance to se and try RemoteVR on IGEL OS. Following the announcement of the new UD3 about to be released dusting H1-2020, my previous blog article showed the performance of the UD3-LX60 video decoding capabilities.

I can tell you that the #RemoteVR setup during DisruptEUC 2020 was using, yea, the UD3-LX60. This is a monster, especially for that price point of hardware. It will be more expensive than the current UD3, but only a few dollars. And now you will even be able to use it as a VR-endpoint. That’s a lot of bang for the bucks!!

Advanced graphics is becoming commodity!