About the virtualbrat.com Hardware Benchmark Library

Are you up for the task of buying new IGEL OS hardware, and want to have an understanding of what you can expect performance wise of all the Hardware offerings out there?
You found the place!
Virtualbrat.com will be performing tests of hardware endpoints with IGEL OS and this is the place where we will present the results of the benchmark runs.

The benchmark consists of a series of scrips simulating user patterns.
IGEL OS will boot up, and automatically launch a Citrix Session with h264 and GPU acceleration, perform tests like media playback, Realtime rendering tests and YouTube playback. When this is complete, we connect to a second citrix session running on a Citrix Session Host without GPU, and run tests like media playback, PDF scrolling, zooming in a high-res X-ray image, Scrolling in Microsoft Word, viewing and presenting in Microsoft PowerPoint, and Vimeo playback using Citrix Browser Content Redirection. This is all combined by bash script running locally on the IGEL endpoint in combination with PowerShell scripts running in session. It is all automated.

The GPU VM we are using has the following specs:
Windows 10 – 2 vCPU – 4 GB RAM – Nvidia RTX6000 partitioned with 6 GM framebuffer

The Session Host
Windows Server 2022 – 4 vCPU – 6GB RAM

We are grabbing session statistics from the Citrix sessions, and we also record the screen. We present the session statistics in graphs so that you can follow the benchmark sequence with the statistics. It will also provide you with a good understanding of what user experience you can expect from the device you are looking at.

We have decided to categorize hardware based on the use case they are designed to fulfill, and by that choosing the resolution for the screen while doing the tests according to the below list:

Laptops will run the test with the built-in monitor’s native screen resolution
Taskworker type of devices will run the test on 1920×1080 resolution
Midrange level (Like the IGEL UD3) will run on 2560×1440 resolution
High-End devices will run the test on 3840×2160 resolution

We will add test results of devices as soon as they are available.

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