What is your plan for your windows 7 based thin clients? End of support is closing in!

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

January 14 2020, Microsoft will end their extended support for windows 7.
(ref: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/windows/end-of-windows-7-support )
If you have thin clients based on windows 7, you are likely to not be able to upgrade those to windows 10, at least not without a big pain and effort, and probably cost. All your windows 7 based devices will be security threats to your organization. What are your plans on addressing this problem?
Do you really want to continue using those when they don’t get security patches or updates?
Maybe your Windows 7 based endpoints works perfectly, they give you enough performance, so you say to your self, throwing those away is a disaster.
Did you know that IGEL has a solution that will fit perfectly in your scenario? By using our IGEL OS Creator you can re-image those windows 7 endpoints (or any other endpoint device) installing IGEL OS and upgrade them to fully functional, with the latest features and functions. Resurrect the old estate of endpoints, and having the benefit of continuing having a supported operating system for your users.

Endpoint licensing

Let’s say (i sure hoe so) that you find this interesting. You start thinking about it and then comes up with the bright idea, those old endpoints, they will size functioning over time. I can’t reinstall my existing fleet, because I do not know how long they will live. The answer to that is portable licenses.
You buy IGEL OS and install on a machine. If/when this machine stops functioning out of a hardware perspective, you can move that device’s license to a new endpoint. This endpoint might be a IGEL hardware device, or it might be any other machine that you prefer. You only need to pay for the hardware and then transfer the license from the decommissioned endpoint to the new endpoint.

No brainer!

No matter on where you are on your path to VDI/Daas/Saas, no matter if it is cloud based or inhouse. Using IGEL OS will enable you to save money. Money that you can use to increase the revenue of the company, or money you can spend on investments. If I was you, I would go IGEL OS all the way!

Start testing IGEL OS today. You can do it easily by downloading the IGEL OS Creator, reinstall your endpoint (this endpoint can be a PC, or maybe a thin client form another vendor, when the endpoint boots the first time, you can register for a free 90 day test license. It will get you going.
IGEL OS has successfully converted other brands of other thin clients since years!

Last, but certainly not least, IGEL is continuously evolving the IGEL OS, making it a feature rich, modern and up to date Edge OS for cloud workspace’s. “The NextGen Edge OS”

Visit www.igel.com and www.igelcommunity.com to get started.
at the igelcommunity you will find “How-to guides” which will take you all the way to a productive endpoint estate without security threats.