Ohh Noo! It Crashed, and it crashed again and again! Here, and there, everywhere!!

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat
(based on real life experience)

Reading the news in the press in Sweden is alarming. A region of hospitals is in RED ALERT and crisis by hard disks breaking. For a organization this is like the ticking bomb phenomena, you don’t know when, or which, or where, but you can be very sure, they will break. Resulting in outages for users, lost productivity, danger to patients?
ref: https://computersweden.idg.se/2.2683/1.726135/kraschade-diskar-felsoks (swedish)

Today, another article surfaced. The police in Sweden faced the same problem a while ago. Probably still?
ref: https://www.dn.se/nyheter/sverige/tusentals-polisdatorer-ska-ha-kraschat/ (swedish)

You might think, replacing a few machines that breaks is not a big deal. Well, it isn’t, but replacing 100 machines a day, in random location over multiple cities. That is a escalating problem running like a avalanche!

IGEL Technology can help here! Actually, IGEL products can help in minutes. Reducing the downtime, assuring productivity and patient safety.
This has happened in a different scenario within healthcare, virus outbreak, Wannacry. A hospital organization was hit by Wannacry destroying about 70% of the organizations PC’s. The machines in production using IGEL OS wasn’t hit by the virus. Anyone that has been a part of a virus outbreak knows that it is a ticking bomb. Where will it hit the next time. Reinstall your windows estate, thinking you got it all cleaned out? Darn, here it comes again… See the similarities?


IGEL UD Pocket will be the first resort! -But how??

-First of all, the UMS: The IGEL UMS is a server software you use to manage and maintaining your IGEL OS estate. Configure profiles to suite your needs. Citrix/VMWare/Imprivata/WVD/any session you can think of.
-Set the UMS in auto enroll mode
-Insert the IGEL UD Pocket in the device with the crashed hard disk/virus infected
-Boot on USB – UD Pocket launches, device is ready to go in a matter of a few minutes, not even 2..
Connect to your well protected, firewall’ed VDI estate in the datacenter or cloudbased.


How can it be, this is way to easy and there must be a rotten herring somewhere (Swedish Tradition)!??
Well, the UD Pocket doesn’t need a hard drive to run, it is its own hard drive. IGEL OS doesn’t touch the local hard drive, we don’t even mount the hard drive if you as admin doesn’t specifically want it to. Or, skip the UD Pocket, reinstall the machine (wiping existing hard drive in a virus outbreak to get rid of the sickness). It will take 2 minutes more than just booting the UD Pocket, but still quick. How long does it take to reinstall a Windows OS, push all applications (even if it’s only remoting applications)??

Voila! You have just made yourself a reputation of heroes! You saved the estate, you all of a sudden got rid of the Red Alert meetings with the board every 4 hours, you made your production stable, no matter if it’s about patient care, fight against criminals, your manufacturing plant or any kind of business. And the best thing! You have IT under control and you can act quick!
Don’t waste time, be a HERO!


Stay safe out there!