Now wait, what did I just see!! Round 2..

by Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

22-Oct-2020 – Microsoft is embracing Linux even more, yesterday there was a pre-release of Microsoft Edge Chromium for linux based systems made available for anyone to downloads and test. Of course IGEL isn’t spending any sleep cycles, so we made a custom partition of the brand new browser.

Yes, this is a Dev (developer) version of Microsoft Edge on linux, it is a sneak preview of what is coming, but i would say it looks pretty damn solid already.

Thanx to some wizardry form my evangelist colleague Jeff Kalberg, within a few hours we had a functional custom partition to be installed on IGEL OS to be able to test this brand new browser

It looks like this in action:

Eventually some day this could be a integrated browser in IGEL OS 🙂