Are your users getting bothered by the Citrix ADC “Account selection”?!? – the power of “?” !

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

13 May – 22
At multiple occasions I have been asked by partners and customers how to get rid of the annoying “Account Selection” dialogue that appear when connecting IGEL OS Citrix Workspace App to a Citrix environment through a Citrix ADC (netscaler gateway). Your users will get prompted to select what Citrix Storefront Store to use. This dialogue will be shown IF the storefront that the ADC enumerates resources from contains multiple stores.
This is generally not the job for a user to know right?
The process flow is:

  1. User is logging in from external IGEL OS endpoint where the connection is using a Citrix ADC (Netscaler Gateway)
  2. User is prompted with this dialogue:
  1. When the user selects the store to use, available applications and desktops are retrieved for the user.

How do we make this simple for the user and avoid showing this “Account selection” screen then?
When googling it seems not very obvious how to avoid this screen and there seems to be quite a few community questions on this topic, that no one answered .. so let’s have a look if it can be solved..
There is an option in the storebrowse command (which is a part of the Citrix Workspace App), that IGEL OS uses, to enumerate published resources that the user has access to. I might be wrong, but it seems like no one bothered with documenting this though. The key is to add a question mark and then the storename you want to connect to in the URL for your ADC,
The IGEL setup utility validates the address that you type for your Storefront/ADC, so that won’t work, you will not be able to apply the “FQDN?StoreName” as the syntax is considered wrong. Though, knowing how the elements in the setup page are combined for the actual command, the option box “Path to Store” will be the way to go, as it gets appended to the FQDN name of when the actual command is fired off. As pictures say more than a thousand words, here is how it should look:

The result of having this configuration will avoid showing the “Account selection” dialogue to the user and will make a more seamless experience.
As I now have configured the “Citrix Store site address” to and the “Path to Store” to ?Virtualbrat the storebrowse command connect to allowing the automatic selection of the Store with the name “Virtualbrat”

A short video showing the configuration:

That would be the end of this Friday hint!

Stay well and see you soon!