Leveraging cloud-delivered desktops down below – IGEL OS + AVD/Windows365 while flying above the clouds!

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

12-May -22 Traveling is starting to pick up again! I’ve been on a few business trips since countries started opening up from covid restrictions. Yesterday I returned from a healthcare event in the deep forests of Finland. I decided to use my flight time to test how well (or if at all) my LG Gram laptop with IGEL OS could utilize the inflight WiFi service to connect to Azure Virtual Desktop and how I would experience the usability. I flew from Stockholm to Gothenburg (Sweden) on my last leg going home from Finland with Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), where I connected to the SAS inflight WiFi using my Eurobonus membership account, which gives free WiFi based on the level of membership I’m at. I realized that the WiFi was pretty good considering that I was on +30K feet up in the air, so I decided to test an AVD/Windows365 session.

Before we have a look at the video, I’d like to tell you a bit about the LG Gram laptop I’m using as it is a really nice machine. I have the pleasure of testing an LG Gram 15. It’s an intel core i3 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a FullHD 15″ display. The machine is super light, a weight of 1120 grams. The machine is to be treated as a laptop when it comes to the regulations of handheld devices in SAS flights. A handheld device can have a weight of up to 1000grams to be treated as a handheld device. If it’s above 1kg the laptop will need to be placed in the carry-on luggage and stoved away during takeoff and landing. Man, I wish I had the LG Gram 14 instead! It weighs 999 grams and would then by was to be treated as a handheld device! 😂
The LG gram works super nicely with IGEL OS and it becomes a nice handy travel companion as it is so light. Performance is awesome and everything works as expected! Want to know more about LG Gram, have a look HERE

And, did you know that IGEL Ready has a list of certified endpoints, where you will find a few LG Gram models? Check out this page HERE

BTW, did you know that you can buy LG thin clients and laptops with IGEL OS preinstalled from factory? That’s a fact! The SKU’s are there…

So, let’s have a look at the video then! It shows me filming out the windows of the airplane at about 30.000 feet up in the air with the Cloud-delivered desktops running far below my altitude, then heading over to film my LG Gram connecting into an AVD/Windows365 session. BTW, my AVD session requires MFA for authentication which could be a problem when you have limited network connectivity. But as the Microsoft Authenticator that I use, it’s possible to use timed one-time passwords for the MFA prompt, it was possible to login without having multiple devices connected in the airplane. This is often a limitation on inflight WiFi services.
Here is the video. Enjoy!

If comparing the in-flight WiFi connectivity (for any communication outside of the airplane, in-flight entertainment services are a different thing and stay within the local WiFi network in the airplane..) pre-covid to the experience we have now, Now it actually provides enough performance to give a useable experience, and remember, as connectivity anywhere is evolving in an exponential curve, the future is very promising for ALWAYS CONNECTED which is the last hurdle of putting all desktops remote. That will be awesome!

That’s it for today. Stay well and see you soon again! (maybe even in person 🙂 )

With Love!