Windows 365 Cloud PC just released by Microsoft – What about IGEL OS endpoints?

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

2021-August-02 Microsoft has just officially announced Windows 365 Cloud PC you can read more about this new offering at

I know that you want to know if it is possible to access Windows 365 Cloud PC using your IGEL OS endpoints, and what changes you need to make to the configuration.
I have had the benefit of setting up Windows 365 Cloud PC, and I can inform you that you will be able to access your personal desktop using the built in IGEL OS AVD client. You will need to be at least on firmware 11.05.170, you can fill out the form in the bottom of this page to get a download link for this firmware.
Apart from that, you just need to configure a regular AVD client connection in IGEL OS and you are ready to go! If you already have a AVD connection set up, nothing needs to be changed!
Of course you can also access Windows 365 using the built in Firefox or Chromium browser if that suites you better based on use case.

Stay tuned to as there will be more postings of IGEL OS and Windows 365, and loads of other good stuff coming in a short while!

I’m happy to show you the first video of IGEL OS connecting to Windows 365! 
Enjoy and stay well!

IGEL OS connecting to Windows 365!

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