Windows 11 preview – ‘things to do while on vacation’ – part 1 of x

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

I’m currently on vacation by the west cost of Sweden, spending some quality time with the family in the summer house. Today is very warm, and too much sun isn’t healthy for a white skinned swede. I have followed the news about Windows 11 and was eager to test. Though, while by the summerhouse the only equipment I have here is a old laptop and a IGEL OS UD Pocket. The laptop will never be able to run Windows 11, so what options did I have to get a preview?? I booted the laptop on my UD Pocket, hooked up to the Wi-Fi (I’m lucky to have fiber connection in the summer house) and connected remotely to my home lab’s Citrix environment. All fine, I now have access to all the resources that are still running in the basement at home. Luckily my main PC which I use to record and edit videos from my IGEL OS devices was running, I remotely connected to that machine using RDP connection jumping through my Citrix box . But no IGLE OS endpoint was powered on. Easily fixed! Connecting to my UMS server using the UMS Console published app in my Citrix LAB, located my IGEL OS endpoint that are powered off where I know that the screen grabber are connected to the Display Port, sent a Remote wake-up magic packet from the UMS Console and voila, the IGEL OS powered UD7 woke up a few seconds later. By using IGEL Secure remote shadow, I now have desktop access to my IGEL OS endpoint using VNC securely controlled using the IGEL UMS!
I decided to upgrade my Teradici PCoIP Ultra virtual machine to Windows 11 (yes, windows 11 dev windows insider tech preview) which took some time, but when the upgrade was done I tested to connect using the Teradici PCoIP client in IGEL OS, which worked flawlessly! On my film editing PC I started up screen recording, switched over to the IGEL OS UD7 endpoint and connected to my first Windows 11 session ever. I tested some YouTube playback, Unigine Superposition benchmarking and Filmora video editing all done in this layered connection:

Any yes, of course I recorded and edited a video remotely from my UD Pocket, for my benefit as the framerate is very good, but not prefect when shadowing a IGEL OS (that is connected to a PCoIP Ultra session), through a VNC session running inside a RDP session running inside a Citrix Session over the internet from the summer house 😁.

Here you can have a view of my first experience of Windows 11, where I think it should belong: in the Data Center, remotely connected using PCoIP ultra, Citrix HDX, Horizon, AVD or any other remoting protocol. Does Teradici, Microsoft or Nvidia support this setup currently, certainly not, but it works!! And I got my first view of Windows 11, and so can you..