Windows Virtual Desktop – Start VM on connect feature – what about IGEL OS WVD client?

by Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

Microsoft just released “Start VM on Connect” feature for Windows Virtual Desktop in Public Preview. It will allow users that have dedicated virtual machines assigned to them to automatically power on their VM’s when there is a need to access their assigned Desktop. The cool thing with this is that the VM can be powered off automatically when its not in use, using Azure “Auto Shut Down” policies, and the user can simply start his/her VM when there is a need for it by launching the WVD client and click on the resource. This is a great way to save money on Azure consumption, as the machine will basically only be powered on when the user needs the machine.
The Public Preview was announced in the WVD Community 11th of April 2021, read about it here:

Make sure that you create the roles to allow the power on by users:

When reading the article in the WVD Community, it says:

You can easily think, “well, that’s a bummer” when using IGEL OS endpoints for your WVD session. But hey, I can tell you that the “Start VM on Connect” feature works just perfectly fine on the IGEL OS WVD client. There is no special configuration needed on the IGEL endpoint. Just set the Azure configurations for your WVD hosts according to the above articles and away you go!

I recorded a small video to show how it will look for the user connecting to WVD and starting the powered off resource. Enjoy!