Use IGEL OS and VMWare Horizon for film making? Yepp, check!

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

Finally I finished setting up my VMWare Horizon lab environment. based on inquiries from a customer, I did a quick test to do video creation/editing using IGEL OS and VMWare Horizon 8.2 VDI environment.

I’m also using a Nvidia T4 vGPU to give the VDI VM some extra horsepower. I’m impressed by the performance I get out of the virtual machine, that actually only have 2 vCPU, certainly not ideal for the video editing use case. In production I would beef up with a few more vCPU’s and some more RAM for the VM.

In this video I’m using a IGEL OS powered UD3 endpoint (-> Endpoints Hardware – IGEL ) connecting to a VMWare Horizon 8.2 VDI Windows 10 VM. The use case I’m showing is film editing and rendering with the Wondershare Filmora X (-> Wondershare Software Official: Creativity, Document, Utility Software )

I’m using hardware accelerated Blast display protocol.

It is a 6 minute video but well worth watching. Starting with creating the video layout using stock sample video clips, then rendering the video and doing a playback of the finished output.

Enjoy the video!