IGEL to integrate Chromium web browser in IGEL OS 11.04 – available July -20

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

IGEL Friends!
IGEL is about to release a new firmware of the famous IGEL OS. 11.04.100 will see the light in public in July 2020. And, it is a big one, at least in my opinion.
Chromium web browser will be integrated!! The benefit that i see is that chromium gives me, personally, a better user experience including better performance of playing video, like YouTube on the local IGEL endpoint. I like it a lot!!

I have put together a video showing a concept of using:
1. Microsoft Teams Custom Partition on the IGEL endpoint, to show the use of MS Teams for Linux, including video calls
2. Office online in Chromium, to show that you can do all your work on the local device within the browser
3. YouTube in Chromium to show the user experience playing YouTube videos through the local browser

The MS Teams custom partition will allow you to use any remote session (WVD/Citrix/VMWare/RDP/ThinLinc you name it) without the need to worry about if offloading is enabled or not.
The other two parts will show that it is possible to use the local IGEL OS endpoint to work on your documents, and play rich media without any hazzle.

Take a look at the video below to see the sneak peek of IGEL OS 11.04.100 (i’m using the non public Release Candidate, but the full public version will soon be available for you to download!

IGEL is making the Simple even simpler, while maintaining the security standards of enterprise!

Enjoy the video, stay safe! Hope we are soon back to normal!