Introducing new versions of IGEL UMS & ICG

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

15th of July 2020 – IGEL has just released a new version of the famous Universal Management Suite (UMS) 6.05.100 and IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) 2.02.100, and WHAT A RELEASE! Some really good enhancements in here. Lets have a look together!

IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) 6.05.100

  1. UMS Web App – The UMS Web App will give you the ability to manage your endpoints using a web-browser. This is a early feature set but it is surely a beginning of a new era for the UMS.
    What can this early feature set of UMS Web App do for you then?
    Managing device tree: Move devices and folders within the UMS hierarchy structure
    See device details: You can see the System- License and User login information
    Sending power control commands: You can reboot, shutdown, wake up and suspend endpoints
    Shadow endpoints: You can use the shadow function to remotely control your endpoints to support your users when you are on the go. a small gotcha here, don’t try to do this using the old fashioned Internet Explorer – it simply won’t work, if you happen to live in the past take a look at the future and install any chromium based web browser, or Firefox.
    Network and Server overview: Handy details on your infrastructure setup.

    Below you find a short video of how it looks in action!

  2. Automatically opening of Windows Firewall ports during installation – During the installation (and upgrade) of IGEL UMS, you will get the offer to automatically open up selected common ports used by the UMS. Man, I have requested this for so long, finally it is here. Everyone that has installed the UMS and forgot to open the firewall ports required, have all seen registering your first endpoint end up in a mess. This will from now on never happen again!!
  3. Are you using a SQL Server for hosting of your UMS database? Now you can use a Active directory account to connect to the database from the UMS. This making HA solutions for SQL in conjunction with the UMS way simpler.
  4. UMS Super User, IGEL has now separated the UMS Admin account from the database account when using external database for the data store. This is mainly to remove access for the DB user to UMS console, UMS Web App and the IMI Rest API.
  5. IGEL UMS Server can now also be installed on “Amazon Linux 2” and “Ubuntu 20.04 (64Bit)

IGEL UMS Web App in action

IGEL Cloud Gateway 2.02.100

  1. ICG can now be installed to use port 443 (or any other privileged port), this was previously only possible by hacking configuration (or port forwarding from external interface)
  2. New feature adding the possibility to limit the amount of endpoints that can connect to one single ICG, useful in large setup’s or load distribution
  3. Reworked caching mechanism for smoother operations in larger environments

I know you will like it, grab your copy now from !
Stay safe out there!