IGEL WVD Client update – again Improvements at top speed!

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

Hello friends! Time for a new release, again, of IGEL WVD client. Why?, because this one makes the feature of “Session auto-reconnection” fully implemented. (It was implemented in the previous firmware release but the ticket only lasted for 1 hour)
-What does that mean? In the later part of the video below, I’m disconnecting the network interface on my IGEL OS endpoint, you will see that the session drops. Then, when I reconnect the network the IGEL WVD client reconnects to the session and resumes,, without user intervention.
-Why is this important? If you happen to be on a unreliable network connection (like traveling, bad Wi-Fi coverage etc., the connection between your IGEL endpoint and the WVD session running in Azure might drop. “Session auto-reconnection” makes the session be picked up again without disturbing the user (except for the moments of outage). I love features making it easier and more seamless for the user, Brilliant!

-What else is new and baked in?
✔ In the first part of the video, you will see the app picker starting, while pressing Ctrl button and scrolling your mouse wheel, you can zoom in and out to help finding your resources, and it will give you a clearer picture of what’s going on in your running sessions.
✔ Fully supporting Chinese Input Method (and potentially most other methods)
✔ Fixed a issue with only accessing WVD 2020 Spring Update published resources
✔ And as earlier WVD 2020 Spring Update and legacy WVD feeds are retrieved

Here you have the link to the firmware 11.03.572, and as always use the rule:
Test before deploy

Enjoy and stay safe! ❤