NEW IGEL OS Firmware – WVD 2020 Spring Update now supported

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

WOW!! I have some good news to share! IGEL has just released a new Private build containing added functionality for Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), in this release the biggest thing is the added support for WVD 2020 Spring Update. What we did was to add the WVD 2020 Spring Update feed to the IGEL OS WVD client, collecting the Spring Update feed and the legacy feed, and displaying the accessible resources for the user (we also allow you to disable feeds that you don’t use). This removes the boundary and need for adding multiple feeds.
Though, we also added the possibility to add your own feed, if that would happen in the future – Future proof Feature!

Secondly, but also very important is the User Experience, IGEL made a good update to the “Resource picker” (see image below) where you now will see LIVE thumbnails of your running sessions, and also allow you to by right-clicking a resource, launch it without connecting to the desktop or app. This will certainly be a good benefit in many use cases. In the below pic, you see my accessible resources, where the “Evangelists Workspace” is a 2020 Spring update published workspace and the bottom section is for the legacy published desktops. Now you can start mixing and adding WVD workspace publishing without disruption.

Last but certainly not least – Tech Preview of Published Apps support. You can now publish apps, for your users and let them run side by side with other published of local apps. “What do you mean by that and can you give a example” might pop up in your head. – Glad you asked!

– I hope that you seen my blogpost on running ex Microsoft Teams locally on IGEL OS as a custom partition – That is so cool and useful, especially as WVD until now doesn’t support offloading of MS Teams. Lets bring the best of two worlds together.
IGEL OS has a feature called Custom Partition (CP). CP allows you to package, distribute and run Linux applications that isn’t part of the IGEL OS. On this video i’m running a WVD session in 90% of the screen, and i also use Microsoft teams locally – removing the boundary of remoting the Microsoft Teams application audio and video. FYI, it doesn’t have to be MS Teams, it can be Zoom, Web-browsers or any other application. Below you have a video of how it looks:

Finishing off this post with a video showing the new WVD client in IGEL OS – seeing is believing!

Take care, stay safe and avoid the covid stuff.

Oh, if you want access to the new private build, send me a email – brattstig(at)