Microsoft is securing WVD – removing access for unsupported clients

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

Hi Igel friends!

A post from Microsoft techcommunity here are referencing that Windows Virtual Desktop will start rejecting connections from unsupported clients and versions of the WVD client. The list of supported and functional clients will be Windows Desktop (MSRDC) 1.2.247, Android 10.0.6, macOS 10.3.9 and iOS 10.1.0. Cool!! BUT WHERE IS THE IGEL WVD CLIENT?! Kernel Panic!!

The IGEL WVD Client, is as should be clear by this stage, based on RDCore Linux SDK. As the Linux SDK is a SDK and not a 1st party maintained client by MSFT (the list above covers 1st party clients), the IGEL OS WVD client is not shown in that list, as it is a 3rd party client, based on the Microsoft SDK.
You should be on the latest build of IGEL OS WVD client, which is included in firmware 11.03.572, to be on the safe side the 15th of June 2020. Take a look at
to read about the latest IGEL OS WVD client and find a download link for the private build. If any emergency changes will happen before 15th of June, pay attention to for updates.

Keep Calm, stay safe and well!