WVD 2020 Spring Update – ARM published resources and IGEL OS – Soon there, preview here!

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

Microsoft recently released WVD 2020 Spring Update to the broader public as a Technical Preview, soon to be de facto standard, allowing to publish Windows Virtual Desktop resources by using only WebGUI, making it way easier for “anyone” to get started with Windows Virtual Desktop. This is a very welcome next step of WVD, as the previous example required you to have some quite good knowledge of PowerShell. There are loads of good step by step guides out there explaining how to get going, though, the WVD 2020 Spring Update is the next level. Plus there are multiple benefits using WVD 2020 Spring Update. You can create WVD Workspace’s for your users benefits, and control access to resources simple, yet with granular control, by using AzureAD group assignments. This together with having the possibilities to control session characteristics using WebGUI, for instance enabling Audio IN/OUT to you published virtual resources is a big leap forward. WVD is still young, but think of it. It went public in late September 2019, and the adoption goes like a avalanche! Helped by Covid-19? probably…

What about IGEL OS supporting WVD 2020 Spring Update?
There has been a new feed published by Microsoft to access the WVD 2020 Spring Update, and IGEL isn’t late to adopt. In the video below, you see a demo of dual session setup on IGEL OS, one that receives resources from the original WVD feed, and one that receives resources from the WVD 2020 Spring Update feed. This video is from a Technical Preview, that is not intended for production use, but in a short timeframe we will see a firmware enabling receiving resources from multiple feeds. Stay tuned for the next important IGEL OS WVD firmware update, I will deliver a blog containing download links as soon as its out! Until then, enjoy and stay safe out there!