RemoteVR- Now on IGEL UD7

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

If you want to do RemoteVR on IGEL OS, using IGEL hardware? Yea, that is quite appealing, as then you can get a ready to run solution, just get the device, put it under IGEL UMS Management and assign your RemoteVR profiles. You are up and running RemoteVR in a minute from unboxing the device, that’s quite MAGIC!!
To make it as easy as that, what you need is a IGEL UD7. Though, the built in GPU of the UD7 isn’t strong enough to handle the decoding of the graphics stream. You will need to get the UD7 with the combined add on AMD GPU graphics card. This setup will give you all the power needed for the task.

Utilizing the extra power from the add on GPU, will enable 89 stable frames per second on the front-end Head Mounted Display (HMD) . I set my back-end to push 120 FPS. This gives a very smooth VR experience.

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