IGEL – Nvidia Jetsons ARM based thin client hardware?!

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

At Nvidia GTC in San Jose Mar-2019 there was a announcement of Jetsons Nano, a slim version of the Jetson platform. This seems to be a very interesting platform to host the smartest OS software for thin client’s. The pricing is decent, the hardware is powerful, especially when it comes to graphics and the formfactor is minimal. Will it be powerful enough for RemoteVR, time will tell. Certainly it will be able to handle tough graphics workload decoding, potentially making this platform redifining how we see thin clients. I know, I don’t like the term thin client, why not from now on say “Access device“, becouse that is exactly what it is. A device used to access your resources, no matter on prem or cloud based once. The more you move to the cloud, the smarter, but at the same time simpler access devices you’ll need for your users. That’s why you go IGEL OS and the UMS! Include the IGEL Cloud Gateway to put all your backend services in the cloud – no reasons to have any servers on prem in that case. Losing the red line here.. 😂

When/if we will se a IGEL hardware device based on Jetson, I don’t have the answer to at the moment, but let’s not look at it as a Pi killer, that is not the intention. I would rather see it as a access device powerhouse for graphics intense workloads. I’m very curious and exited for the future of IGEL OS on ARM!

BTW, did you hear the talks from the Nvidia GTC keynote GeForce Now? That is a beast of a service and imagine how this could bring the IGEL OS in living room of consumers?! Back in the days, I was a gamer, i’m still a gamer by definition, but I don’t have time to do gaming 😥. If this was a option when I had the time for it, what a nirvana solution! Games on tap! With the RTX redone version of Quake!!