IGEL OS 11 + UMS 6.0

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

Feb 2019 – Friday the 15th of February IGEL released the brand ned IGEL OS 11. The current release will allow you to reimage your existing endpoint device, shortly there will be a upgrade path from previous versions of IGEL OS, using the regular firmware distribution functions in the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS). Read my DisruptEUC blog post about the changes and editions here!

At the same time UMS 6.01.100 was released to support the new era of operating systems and licensing.

You will find the downloads of IGEL OS 11 “OS Creator” and IGEL UMS 6 here

Bummer? “I’m currently not licensed yet on IGEL OS 11!” Don’t worry, you can reimage your device and during the first boot wizard register for a free full featured trial license, to get you going quickly! You’ll have 30 days of free testing! Get going!!