Performance improvements to IGEL OS RD-client for Microsoft AVD and Windows 365 – Upgrade now!

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

14 Feb -2022
IGEL is working hard to provide a great user experience in any remoting protocol and the IGEL Development has just released firmware 11.06.251. The improvements consist of 2 pieces, but they have a big impact!
First of all, a version check was added, which allows a notification shown in the IGEL RD-client at startup telling the user if there is a newer version of the RD-client available. This is a very important thing, as it informs users that do not have the knowledge of when new releases – ensuring that they are not falling behind, and ensuring the possibility to stay up to date with improvements to the RD-client. Of course, it is possible for you to turn this version check off if you are managing the endpoint estate and are on your toes when new firmware is released. After all, it is our job to make users happy and make sure the latest technology is used.

Here is a short video of how the version update info is displayed for your users:

The second part of the updated RD-client is a very nice facelift of the User Experience in AVD/Windows 365 when using IGEL RD-client. IGEL implemented post-processing of the graphics stream, to run it through the GPU of the endpoint, resulting in a much better-lived experience for the user while slightly reducing the CPU usage of the endpoint. Below is a video of how youtube playback, real-time graphics rendering, and 3D modeling works with 11.06.251. Everyone will benefit from upgrading to the current version of IGEL RD-client, doesn’t matter if you are working with graphics or are a regular “office” user. Below the video, you will find a firmware request form, fill it out and I’ll send you a download link!

IGEL OS RD-client in Sweden on AVD “NC4as T4 v3” in the Netherlands

I’m using a Virtual Machine type NC4as T4 v3 to allow the NVidia T4 GPU to give some extra kick in the graphics processing in Azure. The T4 will enlighten the CPU usage of your Azure VM’s and enable a state-of-the-art graphics performance for your users. Didn’t test GPU-powered AVD hosts yet? Do it!

That’s it for now, if you are using IGEL OS RD-client, I recommend you to give it a spin. If you are evaluating IGEL OS and AVD/Windows 365 make sure you give your users the best experience. IF you are using AVD/Windows 365 and not using IGEL OS endpoints?! evaluate IGEL OS!