Did the Citrix sessions all of a sudden become very slow when using Citrix Cloud? Here is how you can fix it!

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

27-August-2021 It seems like Citrix made changes to Citrix Cloud in the past week(s) that makes Citrix Workspace App on Linux to become very slow. When the Endpoint are set to use “UDP Transport with Fallback to TCP”, it will try to set the transport protocol to UDP, if that fails, it will revert to TCP. The automatic fallback, switching form UDP to TCP in the transport protocol, doesn’t seem to work currently on Linux CWA in combination with, what I assume, a update rollout, and this is causing massive headache for customers using Citrix Cloud.

I saw this first when assisting a Proof of Concept, where desktop access all of a sudden became very slow, this is when the solution was found to set the transport protocol to “TCP only”, like magic everything resumed to the normal awesome performance IGEL OS endpoints and Citrix Cloud delivers to users globally.
The below solution/workaround has solved this for all customers affected by the slowness, and if you are facing the same problems, please test this:

In a IGEL OS Profile (or in the local IGEL Setup) change the value of
Sessions->Citrix->Citrix Global->Options->”HDX Adaptive Transport over EDT” to “TCP only – UDP disabled”
Apply this to your devices affected by the slowness and you should be good to go! I really hope that you are using IGEL UMS to control your endpoints, as the switch of this value will be done in seconds for tens of thousands of devices, and I surely hope that you are controlling all your remote endpoints using the IGEL Cloud Gateway, as changing the configuration of all devices in remote sites or at home offices are as easy.
One Configuration->Apply to all your endpoints, and sleep well with IGEL 😎

Sessions->Citrix->Citrix Global->Options->”HDX Adaptive Transport over EDT” to “TCP only – UDP disabled”

I would say that this is a workaround, because UDP transport should be functional. Citrix are investigating the cause. And by the way, this does not only affect IGEL OS…
I would though notify Citrix if I were responsible for managing and maintaining a Citrix Cloud environment.

That’s it for tonight, time to start the weekend. Enjoy!

With love ❤