CUGSE presentation: “IGELOS+Citrix+Nvidia=Pure Power”

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

09 Feb -21
Today I presented at Citrix User Group Sweden about one of the pieces that, in terms of business life, comes closest to my heart 😊 – vGPU’s in remoting environments and what benefits it will give you.

I believe you will learn about the benefits you get when it comes to the most important piece of the EUC journey – the User Experience. You will also get a view that is a very positive side effect of vGPU’s- Higher User Density!
We will also look at how you can determine the h264 decoding capabilities of your IGEL OS endpoints, no matter of if the device is a IGEL hardware or if it is based on other vendors. It is of high importance to know that your endpoint will be able to handle the load that your backend systems will try to deliver. It’s not rocket science, its more of understanding requirements and limitations. I’m trying to give you a idea of what you need to think of, and shows a few demos on how vGPU accelerations helps you to deliver the optimal EUC experience.

Enjoy the session!