NComputing RX420 powered by IGEL OS + Microsoft Teams in Citrix???!

by Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

21 January 2021
Yesterday IGEL and NComputing announced the cooperation of providing a RX420 RPi4 based device running IGEL OS. So, why am I on again with another blog?

I want to take the opportunity to to show a recording me and my IGEL evangelist counterpart in the US, Jeff Kalberg, just put together. There are a lot of interest for the ‘NComputing RX420 powered by IGEL” and there is also a lot of questions on Microsoft Teams optimization for this platform. There is no such thing existing yet, as the Linux-Arm version of ‘Citrix Workspace App’ are lacking that feature currently. But listen, I got good news for you!

In the almost 10 minutes long video below you will see a very successful Microsoft Teams meeting between the both of us, cross Atlantic call showing the functionality and features provided by this solution.

Before we have a look at the video, this is how it is done:

  • Fist off, HDX Webcam redirection on Linux endpoints is limited to only 32-Bit applications on server side, on the VDI/Session Host. So we are using the 32-Bit version of Microsoft Teams. With hopes that Citrix will add support for 64Bit applications soon!!
  • The RX420 powered by IGEL is using the 11.01.100.b2 firmware, a beta version installed on the pre-release endpoints.
  • We are using HDX Webcam Redirection of our Microsoft LifeCam’s configured like this:
HDX Webcam config that we are using for this test

  • And of course you need to select Audio Input and Output device in the IGEL OS as that is reflected in the “Citrix HDX Audio” within the session. Hoping that Citrix will enable selectable audio devices in session soon also on Citrix Workspace App on Arm Linux. This was introduced on the x86 Linux side in CWA 2010.

So, what about server side resource utilization. Using webcams in session and processing video streams on server-side will kill the Citrix hosts?! – Nope, here you can see the CPU load while we are having our conversation:

CPU utilization on the Session host servers during video call using HDX webcam redirection. No spikes indicates health and stability.

We are amazed by the performance and functionality of using this technology and can certainly recommend testing this for your needs!

So, lets have a look at the video shall we! Proven function at its best!
Enjoy and as always, Stay Well!