IGEL OS – the next level – New firmware released

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

2020 April 1st – IGEL Technology released a new public firmware (11.03.500) for IGEL OS and there is a lot of new stuff! Here are a summary:

  • 30 Day starter license
    The IGEL OS will from now on, have a starter license, enabling quick start- Perfect for rapid roll-out’s! You can roll-out thousands of devices over a weekend without worrying about them getting licensed immediately. You will have 30 days to arrange licensing..
    It also allows ANY user, especially Work-From-Home users to get going quickly, which will come in handy in these times.
  • 90 Days demo license registration
    As before, you can register your IGEL OS install, to get additional 90 days of evaluation. The 90 days demo also unlocks the full features of Multimedia Experience and Cloud management. Make sure you register your evaluation to unlock these features.
  • Windows Virtual Desktop – The first PUBLIC release including the WVD client
    WVD Access to ANYONE!
    Windows Virtual Desktop on IGEL OS went GA in late January, but until now it has only been part of private builds. This is the first public firmware which includes WVD support, and as you can imagine, it is here to stay!
    Included is the latest version of IGEL WVD client, containing improvements and bugfixes.
  • Custom partition – Now included in Workspace Edition
    Before this firmware, if you were in need of using Custom Partitions, you needed the add on Enterprise Management Pack. As custom partitions functionality is a good benefit for many customers, IGEL now decided to include Custom Partition in the Workspace Edition base license. Meaning that with 11.03.500 you can now install Microsoft Teams, Zoom clients etc for use native in IGEL OS, reducing the need of using those tools within your remote sessions.
  • Signed Partitions – strengthening security to next level
    Be informed, IGEL added signed partitions, this adds the next layer of security. Though, this also prevents downgrade to previous versions of firmware’s. If you for any reason needs to downgrade a machine, it will need to be reinstalled. Shouldn’t be a problem anyways, we all want to be up to date right 😊
  • New client components
    Citrix Workspace App 19.02 ✔
    IGEL WVD 1.0.5 ✔
    VMWare Horizon 5.3.0 ✔
    ThinLinc 4.11.0 ✔
    Teradici PCoIP 19.05 ✔
    Loads of CVE-XXXX-YYYY fixes (read all about it in the release notes) ✔
    And much more, read release notes for full coverage here

The WOW factor in this release is certainly the 30 days starter license. It will help IGEL customers to rapidly deploy IGEL OS endpoints allowing instant access to any Cloud and/or On-Premises workspace. You as responsible doesn’t need to worry about making sure that licenses will roll on to the devices to make them usable, you can comfortably make sure that all your endpoints are up and running and able to serve your users instantly. So let me explain the Starter License a bit

A fresh installed IGEL OS endpoint will start and immediately have the Starter License enabled, meaning that the endpoint is functional and will be for the next 30 days. Before those 30 days run out, you will either need to register your evaluation using the supplied registration wizard, or license the endpoint with a production license.
Are there any drawback of using the starter license?
– Partly, the starter license comes without Multi-Media Codec Pack and Cloud management possibilities. The Multi-Media Codec Pack is used to accelerate video playback, webcam usage and offloading (offloading means Skype for Business optimization, hardware accelerated graphics etc). Make sure you register your evaluation license to gain access to those functions. Except for that, there are no drawbacks. BTW, the Multi-Media Codec Pack is included in your production license of IGEL Workspace Edition!

Happy Downloading, Stay Safe and take care

Download can be found here: https://www.igel.com/software-downloads/

With ❤