Tech preview of IGEL Windows 365 app -including IGEL boot to Windows 365, Cloud PC controls, Windows 365 Frontline support, and IGEL unique features are coming!

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

IGEL OS 12 and the COSMOS platform were just released, and IGEL is working on a Windows 365 app to complement the regular IGEL AVD client that can be used to connect to Windows 365 too. Why would IGEL then take the time to create a separate app for Windows 365?
Windows 365 allows users to control their virtual Cloud PCs; this is a feature set that IGEL is adding to the IGEL Windows 365 app. IGEL also wanted to modernize the user interface and has, together with Microsoft, agreed on a very similar design to how the Windows – Windows 365 app looks to make users familiar no matter the platform used.

With the release of IGEL OS 12, it is now possible to authenticate to Azure AD before getting access to the IGEL OS 12 desktop; this adds a layer of security, of course. When you are using the Azure AD login to IGEL OS 12, you can benefit from Single Sign On (SSO) to any Azure resource, like the IGEL Windows 365 client or IGEL AVD client, Web browser access to Azure AD published apps, etc. using the Chromium browser. This combination gives a very smooth user experience.
The combination of IGEL OS 12 Azure AD login and the SSO to the IGEL Windows 365 client provides you with? Yepp, IGEL boot to Windows 365.

You are invited to have a look at the IGEL Windows 365 app – and probably how it will look when it gets released. The video shows the real IGEL Windows 365 application; it is not a mockup. The video is not cut, either. Based on that fact, the code is there, but we have some things to finish up. Let’s have a look at – what IGEL Windows 365 app, IGEL boot to Windows 365, and the new user interface will look like!

There are currently no possibilities to test-drive, like a private preview, but we are closing in on a GA release. Keep your eyes open for the upcoming release of IGEL Windows 365 app!

That’s it for today!