What did I just see?!? – new technology around the corner!

by Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

23 January 2023
Let us start with the video shall we, and then I’ll explain what you see:

What you see in the video is IGEL OS using Imprivata Tap-and-Go to access Windows 365 Cloud PCs – And it is all cloud-based. Cloud PCs are obviously cloud-based in Azure, the Imprivata appliance is a virtual machine in Azure, which is reachable over the Internet, and my IGEL OS endpoint is in my home office. In this scenario I’m using AzureAD credentials to Tap-and-Go to my Cloud PCs, those are AzureAD joined.

Architectural high-level of the lab environment I set up for this blog.

A quick sum-up of the environment I’m using in the videos: Azure Sweden Central is the Azure Data Center where I have my AzureAD domain Services, it also hosts my Azure Virtual Desktop Windows 11 host and the Imprivata OneSign appliance. Azure Norway East is where I provisioned my Windows 365 Cloud PCs. I have Vnet peering in place between the Azure sites, allowing my CloudPCs to communicate with AzureAD and Imprivata appliance. I have my LG Gram laptop powered by IGEL OS in my home office (or as you can see in the next video, anywhere) reaching both Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365 Cloud PCs, AzureAD and Imprivata OneSign over the internet.

Imprivata provides Tap-and-Go possibilities, where the user roams around the premises of a hospital or could be a warehouse or a retail location, anywhere where users need quick access to their remote Desktops and Apps. With the IGEL and Imprivata solution, this can now be extended, and not limited at all to on-premises endpoints, and with cloud-delivered desktops as workloads.

IGEL has developed an Imprivata Agent that supports the possibility to use Imprivata Tap-and-Go with Windows 365 Cloud PC and Azure Virtual Desktop. The app is still under development, though IGEL has a handpicked base of customers already using this technology in production. IGEL is the first to market with this technology!

Referencing the Press Release from back in October 2022, this has been an ongoing project for quite some time, project Everest, is a very suitable initial name. We are very close to the peak!

The complete solution is groundbreaking in multiple senses. Theoretically, any cloud-based- or on-premises-workload can be enabled with Tap-and-Go functionality, and you can of course mix as you like. IGEL could add Citrix Cloud or VMWare Cloud to the equation, actually, this is possible already today, it is just a configuration item from your Imprivata appliance.
As said, the Imprivata appliance runs in Azure, in my scenario, it is reachable from the Internet, but could, of course, be limited to VPN or ExpressRoute connections as customers see fit. Here is a video where I do Imprivata Tap-and-Go from the airport lounge in Gothenburg, Sweden.

My IGEL OS-powered LG Gram Laptop is sharing my mobile phone’s Internet connection, using my Prox-card to access my Windows 365 CloudPC.

Plus, this is a unique solution for IGEL OS and Imprivata accessing Windows 365 or AVD hosts.
Let’s have a look at combining Windows 365 Cloud PC and Azure Virtual Desktop users, which can be a quite common scenario in larger enterprises:

IGEL OS Tap-and-Go between Windows 365 Cloud PC and Azure Virtual Desktop (I had no extra Prox cards, so I ended up using my Mastercard for User4 🙂 )

This has all been a big team effort, Engineering made magic happen together with the sales organization to build the structure and Imprivata to support IGEL in the journey. I’d recommend you come and join IGEL and Virtualbrat at IGEL DISRUPT in Munich (February 14-16) or Nashville (April 3-5) to get more insights on the roadmap and public availability of this innovative technology, which will make access simpler for your Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop users, read more and sign up at https://www.disrupteuc.com (PS. Check the latest blogs at virtualbrat.com to find a virtualbrat discount code!)

Read more about Imprivata here: https://www.imprivata.com
And IGEL here: https://www.igel.com

See you at DISRUPT!