Citrix Workspace App 2211 – New firmware by IGEL! Plus, let’s look at Individual App sharing in Microsoft Teams!

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

18 November 2022
Yesterday, IGEL released a new IGEL OS build with Citrix Workspace App for Linux (CWAL) 2211 built-in – 11.08.211. While CWAL2211 is mainly a bugfix release, let’s have a look at the feature that arrived with CWAL2209 – App sharing in Microsoft Teams!

Microsoft Teams optimization and offloading has been a part of CWAL for quite some time and has been integrated and functional in IGEL OS over the past years. Though, lots of feature improvements have been added to the Microsoft Teams optimization by Citrix, where the latest addon is Application Sharing. Previously it was only possible to share the entire screen. I recorded a nice demo where I’m using one single IGEL OS endpoint, I’m having four USB WebCams connected to the IGEL OS endpoint, and I’m running four separate Citrix session on my 4K screen. In the sessions’ I create a Microsoft Teams meeting, and invite the three additional participants. Within the meeting I then present a nice webpage for the audience without showing my entire screen –

Nothing speaks as well to explain how well it works than a video, take a look!

BTW, if you want to get your hands on the firmware with CWAL2211 that was freshly baked in the IGEL software factory, fill out the form below and I’ll send you a download link! But first, have a look at the video!

Four Citrix sessions on One IGEL OS endpoint showing Microsoft Teams Optimization and the new feature
App Sharing

Fill out the form below and I’ll send you a download link ASAP!

@Citrix – Quite some years ago in the Citrix Pavilion at Citrix Synergy – you could build your own Citrix Lego figure, they finally made it to a meeting! #nicegadget

Happy App-sharing!