Disrupt Unite explore session – ‘explore NComputing RX420 powered by IGEL’

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

25th of February -21 – IGEL Disrupt Unite is just about to close. What an event!! Covering everything in the EUC space. If you payed attention you would have found out that IGEL is teaming up with more hardware vendors in the market. IGEL HW is certainly not gone, but its getting closer to have IGEL OS as the selectable factory installed operating system with multiple hardware vendors, yea from those that previously were IGEL competitors! This is how well the IGEL OS stands in the EUC space.
I certainly hope that you aren’t using feature limited OS’es on your endpoints.
I certainly hope that your not struggling with poor experience managing your VDI access endpoints.
If you happen to do, have a look at IGEL OS, I bet you can upgrade those endpoints to IGEL OS!

‘NComputing RX420 powered by IGEL’ is a very good example on a joint venture where NComputing does the hardware piece, the NComputing RX420, and IGEL OS adds feature rich software. This solution combines the best from two worlds. Enterprise class packaged RPi4 in combination with enterprise class endpoint operating system, managed by enterprise class IGEL UMS (Universal Management Suite). Hehe, well it works for SMB too 😊

If you missed my session when exploring the features of the ‘NComputing RX420 powered by IGEL’ (RPi4 Arm based endpoint) here you have the chance to view it over and over again! Enjoy!

With love!