Coincidences? 32768 hours of operation and it breaks?

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat


Based on my previous article, this makes me think: Is it a coincidence that the disks break after 32768 hours of use? Vendors should value the customer and make all for their best. I assume all vendors out there that are proud of what they are doing, will treat their customer with respect?!

32768 hours equals to 3years, 270 days and 8 hours. That’s probably after the warranty period ends, right?

Second assumption: is this the same problem hitting Healthcare and police organizations in sweden?

All vendors might end up in bad batches, creating trouble for the vendor, but primary for the customers, the end users. That is painful for all. But, when disks break on a specific value of operational hours my assumption is “built in feature for up sell” (which will certainly end up in dusting the name).

I certainly doesn’t hope that there is a built in feature causing the issues for the customers. We are talking about Healthcare!! Those who should take care of me and you when “shit hits the fan”. This is not a game!

If you happen to use disks of any kind in your organization, validate if there are new firmwares/microcode available and make sure it gets updated. Priliminary to avoid having production outages.

If “it hits the fan” have UD Pockets for anyone.

Be safe out there!