IGEL OS 11 – Upgrade ALL your endpoints, available now!

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

08 May -19 IGEL has just right now released the final piece of software upgrade from IGEL OS 10 to the modern IGEL OS 11.
Upgrades for IGEL hardware devices has been existing for quite a while now, and with this final piece you can go all in IGEL OS 11 transitioning your endpoints to IGEL OS Workspace Edition

What does that mean for me?
You can now align all your endpoints to get your administration of devices even simpler. Universal firmware is now really universal – the exact same operating system is installed on all your IGEL Hardware devices, all your IGEL OS laptops and PC’s and of course also all your thin clients, doesn’t matter what brand, can now be modernized with a up to date feature set that only IGEL provides in the market.
The workload on your endpoint administrators decreases significantly.

Why Maintenance?
Yes, IGEL has introduced maintenance subscriptions on the IGEL OS. You have the option to choose between one, three or five years of maintenance, giving you good options to plan your investment. Maintenance subscription means to you continuous updates and improvements of the IGEL OS operating system and it ensures you to to access the latest features and even further on new versions IGEL OS.

Portable licenses – whats the benefit?
Each endpoint has to have a assigned license. The license is locked to this device while it’s in service. When you decide to replace the hardware, you can transfer the license to your new endpoint. This means that you can reinvest in new hardware, even IGEL hardware devices if you like, without paying one more time for the IGEL OS. There are many hardware vendors out there offering hardware without operating system, giving you a lower investment cost.

Read more about the upgrade process here: http://tiny.cc/eufe6y