Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) on IGEL OS 11.03.520 – What has changed

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

IGEL has recently released a new private firmware, 11.03.520. It is based on the first public release 11.03.500, including a few features that didn’t make it in timely fashion for the public release. 11.03.500 firmware is the first release containing support for Windows Virtual Desktop widely available publicly.
IGEL is rolling out firmware’s containing updates to the WVD client at a rapid phrase, ensuring you the focus on making this the best choice for accessing Microsoft WVD.

Here are a list of fixes and features added to the latest released IGEL OS version:

  • AAC Codec support for Audio Output Redirection
    Hardware assisted Audio decoding
  • Automatic starting of session if user only have one session published
    Comes in handy for users reducing the need to select published resources
  • Added proxy support
    Adding ability to use a HTTP proxy for outgoing traffic from internal corp networks.
  • High DPI scaling support
  • Added Auth challenge for host access credentials differ from AzureAD credentials
  • Improved overall sound quality
    While I generally have experienced better sound quality on IGEL WVD client compared to Windows WVD client, IGEL have tweaked the audio transport even better
  • Fixed issue caused audio redirection to fail randomly
  • Clipboard redirection has potential privacy and security risks and is therefore disabled by default
    This discussion came up investigating a bug, where it was decided to fix the bug AND then change the default behavior to disabled, as of privacy concerns
  • Fixed dead key support (key composition)
    Added functionality to combine ´ and e for é as example
  • Fixed sound getting choppy after a while
  • Several bug fixes for all kind of stability issues

You can download the updated IGEL OS firmware by using the links below

IGEL OS Firmware:

IGEL OS Creator: