IGEL OS 12 and UMS 12 is released! Welcome to the IGEL COSMOS platform!

By Fredrik Brattstig @virtualbrat

19 April 2023 – IGEL has just went GA with IGEL OS 12 and UMS 12 and the set of new cloud platform services named IGEL COSMOS.
Read the press release here:


IGEL is redefining how secure endpoints will function, the function is all about decoupling. As you know IGEL has decoupled the operating system from the hardware already, and are now taking the next step and decouple the apps from the operating system. Say good bye to all of the monolithic large firmware files that needs to be distributed to all your endpoints at the service windows. You can now tailor the end user experience matching your use case.
Applications and operating system can be updated individually, which will give IGEL customers a greater flexibility and quicker time-to-adoption of updated app versions.
Another feature that i would like to highlight is the possibility to enable automatic updating of applications for your IGEL OS 12 estate, which enlightens the administrative task greatly, and ensures that your IGEL OS endpoints always are up to date letting your users to always be on the current level of software, benefiting of all the latest software improvements, not only to IGEL OS, but specifically to all applications!

IGEL COSMOS platform enables your users to onboard endpoints in the field using the IGEL On-boarding Service, and it enables the IGEL App Portal. The IGEL App Portal is revolutionizing how apps are deployed to your IGEL OS 12 endpoints. There is no longer any needs to set up your own firmware repositories for updating your endpoints, they will rather pull the apps and IGEL OS versions straight from a cloud repository.

Over the upcoming weeks i plan to put a series of blogs to virtualbrat.com covering some of the features introduced with IGEL COSMOS, so stay tuned.

You can already now start deploying IGEL OS 12, UMS 12 and COSMOS. Jump over to
to download IGEL OS 12, IGEL UMS12 and IGEL ICG 12.

And check the eminent IGEL Knowledge Base to get started:

See you soon!