LG Gram 15ZT90P

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Executive Summary: The 15 inch LG Gram 15ZT90P is a high-quality laptop. IGEL OS runs great on this hardware and the Intel Core i3 CPU in this machine stands up to the test running native resolution.
Resolution selected for tests is 1920×1080

h264 accelerated Citrix Session

The LG Gram 15ZT90P can maintain 60 FPS consistent over time, we see quite low CPU utilization. This endpoint performs well with its native Screen Resolution

LG Gram 15ZT90P h264 accelerated Citrix Session

Regular Citrix Session

LG Gram 15ZT90P Isn’t at all concerned by using the software rendering only and the Intel Core i3 is doing a great job rendering the HDX session. Exceptionally low CPU usage while running the BCR sample in the last part of the routine too.

LG Gram 15ZT90P Session Host Citrix Session

System report: