IGEL UD2 M250C (discontinued)

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Executive Summary: IGEL UD2 M250C delivers a acceptable performance and should be treated as a task-worker device. It does perform well enough to support basic multimedia tasks and offloading content, with acceptable user experience
The resolution selected for tests is 1920×1080

h264 accelerated Citrix Session

The IGEL UD2 M250C can maintain 60 FPS consistent over time, we see quite low CPU utilization. Even if this is acceptable, it would not be recommended to use this endpoint for multimedia intense workloads.

IGEL UD2 M250C h264 accelerated Citrix Session

Regular Citrix Session

IGEL UD2 M250C is semi-heavily used in CPU resources during the user pattern routine. Framerate is comparable to e.g., the IGEL UD3 M350C, and as there are CPU resources available the indication is that the backend is limiting the frame rate. We see that the UD2 maintains CPU usage below 90% during the complete routine.

System report: