IGEL UD3 M350C (discontinued)


Executive Summary: IGEL UD3 M350C is a all-round use case type of IGEL OS endpoint, which stands up well to advanced multimedia and offloading content and provides a great user experience.
Benchmark resolution 2560×1440

h264 offloaded Citrix Session

The IGEL UD3 M350C is doing an excellent job in maintaining consistent frame rates, it has no problems with consistently deliver 60+ FPS for a hardware accelerated Citrix session

IGEL UD3 M350C h264 accelerated Citrix Session

Regular Citrix Session

The IGEL UD3 M350C delivers a more than acceptable experience in a non-accelerated session. We see that the CPU utilization rises, but far from overutilized while playing the BCR content. As you can see in the video below, it produces a smooth experience across all the user pattern tests

IGEL UD3 M350C Citrix Session

System report: